CWC Job System – Support

The Complete Weed Control Job System - Support.

Please get the latest version of the program here: CWC Job System Setup The file is near the botttom of the linked page.

Common issues are caused by missing image files, if you get an error when printing Quotes or Invoices this can be down to missing image files. Make sure when you look at the Job System application folder that there is a folder within it called images. If your computer is running 64 bit Windows then the folder path is:

C:\program files (x86)\CWCJobSystemII\Images

On 32 bit systems it is:

C:\program files\CWCJobSystemII\Images

When you open that file location you should see 3 image files:

Job System Images folder contents.

These are the files you should see if you look in the Images folder.

If you are missing any of these files, email me and I will send you the full set.  Just copy what I send you into the above folder and you should be good to go.

Likewise if when you open the Reports page in the Job System it may be that you are missing all or some of them, this is the current list of reports files which are stored in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CWCJobSystemII\Reports

Job System Reports files.

Job System Reports files.

If you are missing any, contact me and I will send you the latest set by email.

The other issue often reported is Franchisees trying to put their data files into the same folder as the program. This usually happens when moving their Job System program after buying a new PC.  Since Windows Vista, the programs folder on a Windows system has been a protected location, so when you initially set up your Job System it is wise to put your JobSystemII.jsd file into your "Documents" folder rather than the program's own folder. If you do manage to get the file into that folder, when you try and make changes to the data you will get an error because the programs folder is read only, so you will get some message about moving your data file to a "writeable location".

I always recommend that you go into your documents and create a new folder called "JobSystemData".  Once that's created go into that folder and copy your Job System data file into that location. When you start the JobSystem for the first time on your new computer you will be asked to enter your application settings.  The first page is all the basic stuff like your Amount of Royalty paid for the royalty rate to drop to 5%, backup day of the month and current VAT rate etc.  In the Second tab of the settings is the "Database File Location"; here you can use the "Browse ..." button to select the file you just copied into the new JobSystemData folder you created within the Documents folder.  When you have the file selected you screen will look similar to this:

Once you have completed all the settings pages hit "Save Changes and Close Form" to make the settings stick.  Close the Job System and then re-open it and now you will find that you can make changes without getting the error message.

If you're still having problems please contact Siv on 01886-888942